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Telecom Expense Management 

Communication bills can be confusing. You don’t have the time or the resources to devote to auditing your telecom bills. We are here to help. We find errors and plan optimization, so you can stop overpaying.

What we do

We make your life easier by auditing, optimizing, and managing all of your telecom needs and expenses.


Initial Bill Audit

A complete review is conducted of your company’s wireless account including prior bills to pair you with the most cost effective rate plans. Historical usage is analyzed to ensure that your company is getting the best value each and every month.

Monthly Bill Review

Once paired with the proper plan, our staff provides a detailed monthly bill summary highlighting any changes or overages. Breakdowns on usage are also provided to assist in identifying and curbing any excessive uses.

End of Bill Cycle Review

Your bill is again reviewed in the final days of your billing cycle to verify that there will be no overages resulting in excessive fees, and adjustments are made to avoid these fees if projected to incur them.

Wireless Upgrades and New Lines

We save you time and money by purchasing and delivering phones right to your doorstep keeping employees on the job and avoiding unnecessary and costly downtime.

Billing Errors

Erroneous billing charges are costly, avoidable and quite common. We work directly with carriers to ensure billing issues are resolved and credits are properly applied to your account, with no effort on your part.


We monitor promotions and work with our partners to ensure your company is always getting the best possible pricing available. We verify promotion credits are applied when due.

Feature Addon and Removal

No longer pay for international packages or other features that remain on your account for longer than are needed. We handle the adding and removal of services and features to your accounts. We also provide reviews of services such as phone insurance, and provide suggestions for the removal or rotation of features to reduce your monthly costs.

Old Equipment Disposal Credit

We provide optimal trade in value for old devices based on a fair market value. That money can be used to offset any fees for service. Additionally, we understand electronic waste is a serious environmental issue; damaged phones and obsolete cables accumulate quickly. We offer free receptacles and haul away for all your e-waste. We ensure that these batteries and other toxic materials are properly disposed of.

New Technology Implementation

We continuously stay up to date and research new products, services, and technologies in the wireless world, and will keep you informed of trends that may benefits your business. If there is a new technology that your company wants to implement, we will work with you to ensure the roll out is quick and seamless for you and your employees.

Proven track record.

Big Savings.

On average, our clients receive a 36% monthly savings on their communication bill.  Maybe your company can beat our highest savings of 72%.

  • Average Monthly Saving – 36%
  • Highest Monthly Saving – 72%

Why are we Different

In the dawn of the mobiel business era, it is crucial to understand the ever changing landscape of the telecom industry. Our team recognizes the importance and value of telecom expense management. FocusTEM provides a proven effective program for all of our customers.

Believing in the principles instilled in us by our former employer to “put the customer first”, our mission is to create the most value for our customer by our commitment and continued work on refining our process to become as efficient as possible, leaving our customers to be the main beneficiaries of our efforts. Let us focus on what we know best to better serve your telecom needs.

Every organization is unique, so each of our clients receive a personalized experience.

From Our Clients
The customer success stories below are just a sample of the types of organizations currently using Focus TEM to streamline their processes and find areas for savings.
“I never knew I was paying so much extra for my service!  Thank  you so much!” Gino Brino

Dentist, Southington Family Dentistry

“Great job on the bill!  You guys are spectactular.” Marco DeMarco

Owner, WSP LLC

“Never knew how great a free audit would be!  Thank you!.” Angela Brown

Owner, Sweet Mia's

“I never knew I was paying so much! Thank you for the hook up.” Robert Hilton

Owner, Hilton Tuning

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